紛らわしい文法問題 関係詞(1)


(1)John didn’t thank me for the present I gave him,    [      ] made me a little angry.   (岩手医科大学)                                  (A)  that         (B)  who        (C)  what           (D)  which

(2)(      ) with this and that I have no time for friends. 1.Due   2.Since         3.What           4.Thanks(青山学院大学)

(3)私は持っているお金の全てを弟に与えた。(中央大学) I gave my brother (      ) money I had.              1  which            2  what   3  whose            4  whom

(4)  Thousands of people are now taking pictures of   (      ) everyone considered to be an everyday event.(A)  which        (B)  that         (C)  where      (D)  what (中央大学)

(5) Try to listen to only those (      ) you think are worth listening to.(玉川大学)                              1.which        2.who    3.whom         4.whose

(6)  It is difficult to frame a definition [    ] is both comprehensive and accurate.(専修大学)             ①  to which      ②  what        ③  of which      ④  that

(7)About 5.8 million Americans have heart failure, (   ) the heart can no longer pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs.     (昭和大学)                                               A.the fitness which arises after                            B.the fact according to which                              C.a condition that occurs when                              D.the case following that                                         E.an appearance which expresses

(8)Dave lost his job and was short of money, so (     ). (昭和大学)                 A.it was to sell his flat that he did                 B.it was to sell his flat what he did       C.that he did it was to sell his flat                  D.it was that he did to sell his flat       E.what he did was sell his flat

(9)A cold rain falls over what (      ) a thriving, picturesque rural village but is now an empty ground abandoned for many years to weeds.(関西学院大)a.is      b.used to be      c.is going to be          d.might be

(10)There are some students in this class [    ] mother tongue is not Japanese.(大阪医科大学)             a.in which        b.who     c.whose         d.where



新テストでは、メールや資料から内容を読み解く問題が出題されます。下記の問題はその一例です。(2019 神戸学院大学)

<sent message>
Professor Rossi,

This is Kei Sato from your sociology class. I’d like to ask you to give me some advice about the essay due next Friday. I’m not good at essay writing. In my mind, I know what I want to say, but when I write the essay, it ends up like the first draft I attached to this e-mail. I’m afraid my essay is going to [  ア  ] to achieve a good grade. Could you tell me how I should revise it?

<received message>
Dear Kei,

I read your essay.
The key to any good essay is planning and structure. Your points are good, but the layout isn’t. In the second paragraph, for example, you put two points together. You need to separate them and back them up with different facts and opinions.
If you can revise your essay this weekend, I’ll be able to check your second draft on Monday or Tuesday before the deadline.

問1  空所[  ア  ]を満たすのに最も適切なものを,A~Dのうちから1つ選べ。[  23  ]
A  fail          B  fall          C  slip          D  sleep

問2  What problem with the essay does Professor Rossi point out to Kei? [  24  ]
A  Its ideas are not interesting.             B  It is not well organized.
C  Its sentences are too short.               D  It is supported with too many facts.

問3  What will Kei probably do after reading Professor Rossi’s e-mail? [  25  ]
A  He will remind himself that the deadline is on Monday.
B  He will show his second draft to Professor Rossi after the weekend.
C  He will submit the complete essay immediately.
D  He will make the necessary revisions together with Professor Rossi over the weekend.

解答 問1 A  問2 B    問3 B

(2)  次のグラフを見て,各問に答えよ。

問1  次の書き出しに続く最も適切なものを,A~Dのうちから1つ選べ。[  26  ]

The number of male medical students (      ).

A  fell by half from 1995 to 2005            B  remained level from 2005 to 2015
C  increased each decade up to 2015      D  decreased steadily up to 2015

問2  [  27  ]  次の書き出しに続く最も適切なものを,A~Dのうちから1つ選べ。

The number of female medical students (      ).

A  increased from 1995 to 2015
B  fell from 2005 to 2015
C  is more than the number of male medical students
D  decreased during these two decades

問3  [  28  ]  次の書き出しに続く最も適切なものを,A~Dのうちから1つ選べ。

We can see (      ).

A  a clear upward trend in the number of female medical students
B  medicine is not a popular subject among students at medical college
C  the reason why there are more male students studying medicine than female students
D  a clear upward trend in the number of male medical students


問1 D  問2 A   問3 A



最近、受験生は「社会問題意識」を問う問題がよく出されます。国際社会では、critical thinkingを求める傾向にあります。


In Japan, the increasing number of empty or abandoned houses has become a social issue.  These are houses, for example, where the owner has died and their children do not want to live in the house.

What are some of the problems that these houses cause and what suggestions do you have to solve the issue?  Write your answer in about 10 lines.


Abandoned homes in the countryside is a really big problem.  These homes are located in the areas where few people live.  They may become dangerous and suitable for living in.  Also the value of these homes may be very low, which makes it difficult to sell the homes.  Abandoned homes may attract crimes or homeless people.  The Government should try to solve this problem by buying these homes and to remaking them.  These houses should be rebuilt as cafes and inns.  The community should be attractive by making more young people move to the areas and offering them farming areas.



(1) He was so poor that he had (         ) than a few dollars in his wallet. ①no less    ②not less     ③no more   ④any more (2019 畿央大学) この問題では、どの語句に注目すれば解きやすくなるでしょうか?

(2) I prefer dogs (        ) cats because they always come along with me. (2019 神戸親和女子大学)①to  ②for   ③better than   ④more than  この問題では、どの語句に注意すれば解きやすいでしょうか?

(3) This year’s race for city governor had by far the (       ) number of candidates since 1980. (2019 東海大学)  ①lower   ②low   ③lowest  ④lowly    この問題では、どの語句に注目すれば答えが分かりますか?

(4) There were (         ) 100 people at the lecture yesterday.(2019 東京経済大学)①much more  ②as much as   ③so many    ④as many as  この問題では「100人もの人」がヒント

(5) She knows better (          ) such a silly thing.(2019 東京電機大学)  ①than doing to   ②than to doing   ③than do  ④than to do   この問題ではknow betterを含む慣用表現がポイント


(1)前半のHe was so poor that…に注目すれば、「財布にはわずか数ドルしかない」no more than…を利用するので、解答は③。

(2)prefer A to Bというラテン語比較なので、解答は①。

(3)by far the 最上級形容詞。「はるかに〜」解答は③。

(4)<as many as 数詞+複数名詞>「〜もの多くの….」解答は④。

(5)know better than to do…「…するほど馬鹿ではない」解答は④。



①「貸す側」lend, loan →「無料で貸す」の意味。まず、lendは「無料で物やお金などを貸す」<例>The library lent me a DVD.(図書館は私にDVDを貸した)<例>Can you lend me five dollars until tomorrow?(明日まで5ドルを貸していただけませんか)

次にloan. 日本語で言う住宅ローンというように金融機関で借りるローンではなく、lendと同じように「物・お金を無料で貸す」の意味があります。カタカナの「ローン」の意味だけではない、ということを把握する必要があります。lendよりフォーマルな意味です。<例>The library loaned me a DVD.

②「借りる側」borrow →「無料で借りる」の意味。<例>Can I borrow the book?(その本を借りてもいい?)

③「貸す側」「借りる側」→「有料で貸し借りする」rent <例> I want to rent a house from a friend.(友人から家を(有料で)借りたい)<例>I rented three movies last week.(先週、映画を3本(有料で)借りた)





「話す」「言う」を表す動詞は、speak, talk, say, tellがある。それぞれの動詞の用法の違いを下記のように捉えると理解しやすい。



分野別英単語 【言語】


Step 1

□language    名 言語、言葉  

native language [=mother tongue]

              body language 身振り言語  spoken language 話し言葉

      形linguistic 名linguistics 言語学

 You could get a better job if you spoke a foreign language.


□vocabulary 名 語彙

   Reading is an efficient way of increasing your vocabulary.


□state 名 状態、国、州 動 述べる

   in a chaotic state混沌状態で stateone’s opinion 自分の意見を述べる

   She’s in no state to see anyone.


□express 動 表現する 形 急行の 名 急行  

名expression 表現

  He expressed his opinion in a few words.



北摂英語110番でGoogle Classroomで生徒に出した課題の実例です。今月にニュージーランドにホームステイで出発する生徒に配信した教材の実例です。空港、到着して迎えに来るホストファミリーに出会う時の表現、日常生活、学校までの行き方、電化製品の使用法など、役に立つ表現の課題です。それに向けたテストを後日行いました。